Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hi there,
another nice mixed bag of boards... from the left is a Qua'o'matic custom for a client , the next one along is a Simfish for Billabong...inspired by the simmons of old but with a new school feel to it, the blue one with the red tail is a punt flyer and the last one on the right is a rehash of an older design I did in the late 90's called the Bullet. It has the deeper double concave that are a feature in a lot of my boards.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi There, ...just had the pleasure of Beau Nixon dropping in to have a chat about his last trip to the Maldives ( video to follow soon about that trip) and pass on the feed back about the boards that I've been making him. Beau's an impressive young surfer who's having a crack at the longboard tour this year and by the sounds of things , I think that he'll do pretty dam well at it too. He is about 5'9'' tall and weighs about 80kgs...his high performance comp boards are 91 x 22 x 25/8, ...nose concave running into a vee into a double vee concave out the tail.....pretty standard set up really but coming from my hands is anything but!....but then again ...Beau is not a standard surfer either! so I think he'll go OK. The short board is a 63 x 191/4 x 23/8, triple concave and can be ridden as a quad or thruster. Both boards are glassed with single layers of 4oz top and bottom.....anyway ...the feedback is all good and he just ordered two more but as square tails....I'm off to shape ...have a great day ....cheers

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hi's another batch of boards that I just droped off at the Boardroom surf shop at Miami. The boards out wide are Wonglepongs....the wavey one to the left is a Tugboat and the yellow one is a Punt Flyer.

This lot features from the left...a punt flyer, a doudle flyer swallow....modeled of Wilba's quad except this one is a thruster, a Quad'o'matic, and then a Tug boat....all looking pretty sharp and ready to surf.