Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hi there...well this isn't the blog that I was going to tell you about but I think it's something that you might like anyway .....this is Heidi Ledwell...she is a local fine artist & has just painted a board for her man Jon, for his 40th. It's a 62 x 20 x 21/2 phantom deluxe. Anyway ...the local artists of Fingal are having a bit of an art collective & music night on August 6th at the Sheoak Shack to raise awareness of the pressures on their local environment & the importance of protecting it.... something that we can all relate to I'm sure. Cheers... Phantom

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hi there ...long time ...sorry for that ...just had 3 weeks in the desert of WA surfing and camping with the family....didn't score a whole lot but never the less had a great time catching up with Friends and family. Dropped off a new shooter to my mate's the hybrid kneelo/stand up quad that he is in love with ...this one was a fun board to make ...the brown paint job is actually mud smeared on the blank before I glassed it ....worked a treat!....anyway he loves it and that's all that matters. ...I've got another interesting board that I'll show on the next blog ...Cheers for now ...Phantom