Friday, January 15, 2010


Just a bunch of boards swimming their way to the board room for a while to hang with their mates before being liberated to the sea. Some punt flyer's, a deluxe and a quad egg fish.

BILLY AND JAMIE ...hey guys ...not much to say today except go check and see what Billy and Jamie have been up to in Hawaii and northern's the link

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is Brent Savage. He's a pretty good little surfer (rated 8th in the juniors last year) and we've been working together on boards over the last 4 or 5 years. This one we've been refining for the contest slop, 1 foot and under.....funny thing is that it goes remarkably well in the good stuff up to 4 feet. I tend to do all his grovel stuff....and this was a change of tack for what we've been doing lately after I lent him.....'the death sled'.... that belongs to my friend Nat. Brent is about 6'2" and weighs in at 80kg's and this board is 59 x 19 x 23/8, bump flyer...the wide point is 4 inches back from centre, flat deck and foily rails. The first couple were concave into a deep double feeding into a hefty vee out of the tail....the lastest has a concave out of the tail....this is the favourite for the moment.....Brent likes to garden and is fond of cute little kittens.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is Mark after he picked up his new board's 6' x 21'' x 25/8'' and you guessed it...a quad. He is 6'1'tall and weighs in at 85 kgs. Judging from the phone call the other really happy with the it. This board has a pretty flat deck which gives him the paddle power that he needed and to conpensate for this extra volume that would normally be in the rails I actually make them quite refined, down and foily and this, combined with a vee bottom feeding into two concaves under the back foot, gives him the sensitivity and control that he needs to still be able to dominate the board, with out being taken for a ride by it. Normally this type of board will be ridden in small waves but I know that as his confidence in the shape grows, I'll be seeing him in the bigger stuff for sure...the artwork was done by me.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

THE 'BEZ'...
Well it's not often I win something, in fact the only thing that comes to mind is a second in the chook raffle at the Tugun surf club some time last century before they... 'modernised' it....anyway I'm pretty stoked at winning 'The Bez'. This an obscure comp run by a bunch of surf crazed Welshman that live around here to honour the life of a pretty remarkable English writer/surfer...'Bez' Newton. Chatting with the boys on the day I found out that Bez wrote a few books, was instrumental in the establishing of the first surf mags in the UK and led a pretty bohemian lifestyle cruising the coast in search of the perfect wave. The trophy was made from found objects and features a look alike of Bez surfing a pen, complete with glasses wired to his head with all kinds of string and 'glasses holding on' see, Bez couldn't see without his glasses and had to tie them on to his head in order to surf. So ...turning up on the day, surfing for and hour or two with a great bunch of blokes, a barbie breakfast with scotch shots to follow was a ton of fun!!!.... to find out that I'd actually won by a consensis vote a couple of days later was an honour. That was 12 months ago and it was last week that the Bez went off again. I was unable to make it this year and defend my if ...the boys say that you can only win it once!... and I had to settle for being there in spirit only. It's great to see mates honouring mates and surfing comps for fun...long live the spirit of BEZ.