Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is Mark after he picked up his new board's 6' x 21'' x 25/8'' and you guessed it...a quad. He is 6'1'tall and weighs in at 85 kgs. Judging from the phone call the other really happy with the it. This board has a pretty flat deck which gives him the paddle power that he needed and to conpensate for this extra volume that would normally be in the rails I actually make them quite refined, down and foily and this, combined with a vee bottom feeding into two concaves under the back foot, gives him the sensitivity and control that he needs to still be able to dominate the board, with out being taken for a ride by it. Normally this type of board will be ridden in small waves but I know that as his confidence in the shape grows, I'll be seeing him in the bigger stuff for sure...the artwork was done by me.

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  1. the artwork on that shapely stick is right bloody banging!