Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SUP...I don't know if you guys know it or not, but James Billy Watson and I have been working together on SUP's for the last 5 years or so. Here are the latest two that I've made for him. The pintail is 8'6'' x 27'' x 4'. The flyer swallow is 9'4'' x 271/2'' x 4''. The litreage on the 8'6'' is 106 and the 9'4'' is 113. Both these boards have step decks that provide superior stability whilst paddling. More importantly, they allow the rails to be sensitive and fine, that way they can be surfed through the rail rather than just turning on the fins. They are both vee double concave and as a thruster set up with a slightly larger tail fin. Bill is stoked with the boards and did really well in the Noosa Festival of Surfing event, coming an impresive first place and a very close second in the recent Malfunction SUP event.
Go Billy, go!!!

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