Thursday, January 13, 2011

don't know if you know it or not but for years I've been working with a few artists and together we make stuff. This guy is Scott Redford and this is his show that's currently on at the Qeensland Art Gallery in Bris Vagus. Together we have had shows in all sorts of galleries from the Goldy to Germany, even at the at the MCA in Sydney during the olympics when that was on. Sorry for the crappy photo' a better camera from Santa this year so from now on things should get better!

A bunch of broken magic boards that were stacked in my factory when Scot found them for the show

some nice shiney boards courtesy of Steve Barber at Full Force.. The Cross boards are a bit of a signature for Scot. They are two guns joined together..A 96 and a 68....there are a red, a yellow and a black one. The Big Pink Surf-paintings were very succesfull and the Qld Premier Anna Bligh, who opened the show, actually has one of these in her office. It's pretty cool to know that the Premier of QLD sits in her office and looks at a painting that you did ...complete with phantom sticker and all! The show runs till March sometime...floods permitting....

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