Monday, January 24, 2011


My mate Bob Moore(aka...smoking skull) who I've been working with for years and now have the pleasure of working with again in Bali droped by for a visit..." home ....I've got something for ya!...." came the call down the telephone line....

..for years of making boards for other people , never have I had someone make a board for me...fully blew me away.... this is Bob's 2nd board that he's made, the first was for himself, and was I impressed!!. He did it all , even making the fins...My first surf was at snapper on a 3-4 foot day....the first 2 waves were a bit sketchy and then I took a set wave and the thing lit up!...before I knew it i was down past Greeny and having a ton of fun....Tha
nks Bob ...your the best!!

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