Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Well time flies and there have been lots done in the process, in particular a few new models that I've been working on with my good mate Taka in Japan. So here are a few boards that we have come up with that he is really stoked with and I'm really excited about. The board here on the left is a new take on the bullet. It has slightly deeper double concavees, refined in the rail and foily in the tail.... cool artwork by Louis.

This one is an old favourite that has been a great friend over the years for the clean hollow waves that we have on the Goldy. Tuned at Burleigh and proven in Indo, it's an awesome acceleration machine that pulls you down the line when you need it. Single double concave leading into 6 deep tail channels combined with down foiled rails is what defines the Phantom 6ix....nice.

The Bill'o'matic was a collaboration between my team guy James 'Billy' Watson and his desire to surf a fish that didn't just flap around in the mush but rather drive in the good stuff and actually behave it's self under pressure. Quad fins, triple concave bottom with a vee out the tail, pulled in nose and tail....high performance in crap to pumping surf....yee ha!

This one is a new design,the Tug deluxe, and yes it's essentially it's a cross between the deluxe and the Tugboat....more a tug with the narrower deluxe plan shape and still keeping the big double conny's and down rails. This one belongs to surf shop owner and all round good guy Mr doors...legend

This one also is Tug deluxe ...with another artwork piece by Louis

Cheers for now ...phantom

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