Monday, October 3, 2011


Hi there again, just a few of the crew that have picked up their new bundles of joy this week

...this is Gordo and he'll be riding his new Kneelo....6 x 231/2 x 23/4...vee bottom a with a couple of cony's through it to keep it sparky.

...Greg's is a 66 x 193/8 x 25/8 deluxe with a 3/16 stringer and glassed in epoxy resin for extra strength as he likes to surf south straddie... and that place eats boards...set fins for more performance and an insane custom spray done by Chris third...the photo doesn't really do it justice.
....Hugo is riding a triple pin / crown tail...something that we kinda made up on the day as he wanted a wide assed fish that he could ride as a thruster as well as a quad. This one is sporting the new phantom decal too.
and Don's 7 footer is for Indo and Fiji. It's a quad of course with a bit of meat for a nice easy takeoff, vee with a double conny and foily rails for sensitivity and bight in the face....he's a well seasoned traveler and this new shooter will fill a gap in his quiver.

Cheers for now ....phantom

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