Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hi there, just spent an inspiring last few days with a great mate of mine, Morgan Bridgeford from Anglesea in Victoria. Morgs has been responsible for a lot of my artwork over the years and was a key player in the Phanzine project. He and I go way back to my old factory days in Burleigh where we would get a bit messed up and then go make stuff for our own entertainment....(bit like now really!!) and here are a few shots to see what we came up with....sorry I don't have any more pics showing process but we were too busy doing it rather than recording it...I think Morgs has a few more photos, since I was busy being the slave and he, the boffin....hehehe.!


  1. ha thats right fella, think i got the easy job. but at least you got your skirt off and proved to your self, that you've still got it in ya to mow a board with your hands and eye. love it

  2. you know what morgs ....I had a great time doing this board for you ....come and hang in Bali when you get a chance and we'll get real crazy with it. bloody good fun there fella

  3. Hey Chris,

    I was lucky enough to pry this board from under Morgs a few weeks back and grab a couple of waves on it (I think it was actually his second surf on it). I'm used to riding something fairly different in concept so I was very pleasantly surprised with how well it went for me! It's not often that you (or maybe I) jump on a radically different board, get one wave, paddle back out and exclaim "SOLD" to the owner of the board.

    Love your work, keep it up!


  4. Hi Luke ...just saw your post ...Cheers mate for the nice rap....I've actually gone and made myself one of these puppies and am totally hooked on it ...the thing goes in pretty well anything that I've launched it at here in Bali in the last 2 months's a beauty!!!....cheers, Phantom