Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hi there again, dreams really do come true and these guys are stoked! My good mate Phill Dews picked up his Dews machina model late today and said that he took her home , laid her on the floor and drank 3 Coopers whilst admiring her clean lines. Phill weighs in at about 120kgs is about 6'5'' tall and his machina is 7'8 x 23 x 31/4'' 4 channel swalllowtail. It has a single to double concave (triple) feeding out through a vee in the channels. WAA custom made fibreglass fins just for him by Feather. Now all he needs is for the surf to get above 1 foot and he's on it!

Anna is about to take her new shooter for a holiday to Hawaii. This is a pin tail Deluxe that has been widened a bit and made into a quad. It is a 6 x 19 x 23/8 triple concave feeding out to a vee, and has some great custom words sprayed on the bottom by my talented sprayer Chris Third. ...sorry ....forgot to get a photo of that....doh!
Cheers for now...Phantom

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