Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Beau was around picking up a couple of boards yesterday and I managed to pin him down for a photo. He rides competitively in the long board circuit and these two are a couple that he rides when not in training for the comps...or when he gets bored of riding mals and wants to just smash it. The main focus for me as a shaper was to get the boards to relate to his longboards so the transition between the two is not so radical. I hope to have achieved this with this pair. The initial response is good....just need some surf to surf them in!!'s been so crap lately. The Blue board is a Deluxe...66 x 191/2 x 25/8 the yellow one is a a Bill fish...510 x 201/2 x 23/4
Below is a previous quiver of boards that I made for him to take to the Maldives where he was working as a tour guide for Tropic Surf. Beau's standard board dimensions for his comp boards are 91 1/2 x 22 x 25/8 . This model is called the HP mal and is designed to surf tight in the pocket's basically a 9 foot short board that nose rides....which it does really well now after we increased the nose rocker to slow it down when you're forward on the nose. This keeps it in the pocket and stops it accelerating out of it allowing him to stay there for as long as he wants. Beau weighs in at about 85 kgs.

below are a deatil of the drawings that I did on his boards...

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