Sunday, November 20, 2011


The last run down before moving to Indo has been a pretty interesting time and this last week has been no exception. Lots of new boards, lots of change and friends dropping by. This is Pete Harris and his new board. Pete and I have been making boards together for a long time and this is the realisation of one of his designs. It's basically a single fin that has provision for optional side bights, 7'2'' x 213/4'' x 3 , light conny feeding to a double vee out the tail... low, relaxed nose rocker and an accelerating tail release....down rails and this one has a hard tucked under edge almost to the nose. Pete surfs Burleigh a lot and drives quite hard off his front foot and needs the edge to set the rail and because of the tuck doesn't catch....although the photo doesn't show it ...this one is tinted coke bottle green.

Dropping by for a visit was Pete's son Nat. He was out cruising the hills on his Vintage BSA Bantam. Super styling and grinning from ear to ear.... Nat is hooked on my epoxy /carbon fibre boards and was just ordering another before I go...good luck!!!

And the yummy mummy Louise and her new Single fin. Her new shooter is 6'x 20'' x 21/2''. She is about to set off on a trip to WA with her hubby Grant another long time customer of mine who loves my 6ix channel bottom boards. Below is a pic of him surfing on one of his recent surf guiding trips.

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