Friday, December 30, 2011


It's been ages since the last blog and it's taking a while to settle here in Bali but I haven't been sitting on my hands! Dustin was quick to team me up with a young surfer named Jason ' Salsa' Salisbury and craft out a few boards for him. One that was of particular interest was the a finless board and I must say I really enjoyed the challenge. Starting with no preconceived ideas apart from wanting to have fun ... keeping my mind open to what ever direction the shape will lead me it is in the's not over yet... I still have a few more additions in the glassing side of things that may or may not materialise but never the less it is going to be interesting to see the finished board... I'll keep you posted...

Ps...My long time friend Phil Ward has been shaping himself a board at Deus this last few days and having seen my finless board, suggested we take a look at a shaper friend of his in California by the name of Hoy Runnels...the similarities are uncanny considering that I've never seen his work ...marvelous how our brains tick

Pps ...yes it does look like a pair of breasts on the tail ...what ever was I thinking?!!!!

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  1. chris, that looks crazy, good to see your having fun mate. might need a pigment tint in black to make it even more stealth looking